Terms and conditions for Talent Scout.

  1. The term "Talent Scout" or "Scout" refers within the context of TalentEx to any person who has registered be part of the TalentEx community and has expressed willingness to offer their services of referring candidates to job postings in TalentEx site
  2. The work done will be totally freelance and entitles no privileges or benefits entitled to an employee of TalentEx.
  3. By signing up as a talent scout it is implied that all the terms and conditions have been read and agreed.
  4. The scout shall take due care to obtain the consent of the candidate they are referring. TalentEx shall deem it fit to assume that the referral is made with due consent from the candidate and shall proceed in their further interactions based on this assumption unless explicitly communicated otherwise. The Scout takes full responsibility with regard to any eventualities arising from submission without the consent of the candidate.
  5. The Scout is expected to have gone through the job description thoroughly and then referred a candidate. TalentEx admin reserves the right to suspend a Scout from further referrals for posting irrelevant profiles or junk.
  6. The resumes submitted will be evaluated only against the required qualification for the position referred by the scout and the decision to accept or reject will be taken by the evaluator is binding and final.
  7. The acceptance by TalentEx is only towards presenting the application to the client but does not guarantee employment.
  8. The candidate will have to go through the interview process as stipulated by the policies of the recruiting company and the submission of profile will be considered as an expression of consent to do so.
  9. The candidate will not at any point of time try to influence either TalentEx or any representative of recruiting company with monetary rewards or otherwise.
  10. TalentEx or its representatives will not at any point of time request payment towards employment assurance and it is the responsibility of the candidate to report if such attempts are made by anyone posing as representatives of TalentEx or hiring companies on the official helpline or by customer care email.

Payments of referral bonus :

  1. The scout becomes eligible for the referral bonus only on the candidate completing 30 days of employment with the employer.
  2. The payment will be disbursed only after the above mentioned criteria is met.
  3. All applicable taxes in force at the time of processing the payment will be deducted from the payable amount.
  4. The payment will be credited to the account details mentioned in the profile and at no point of time cash transactions will be made.
  5. The Scout will ensure that the PAN is valid and also the validity of the bank account details. TalentEx will not be responsible for any eventualities arising from incorrect or invalid data.